Hazardous Zone

by Mountains & Websites

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released October 31, 2016



all rights reserved


Mountains & Websites Smithtown, New York

"feels like heart break and falling in love at the same time"

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Track Name: Nowheresville
Where will the drugs take me next?
I'm sorry if I wasn't acting my best
When I got high
When I got low
Where did my mind go?
I don't remember. I was fucked up.
Did things I shouldn't have done.
Got myself a gun.
Cos I wanted to have a little fun.
Thought it would be cool to get myself loaded.
But was I so far gone?
I made myself a song.
And only then I realized how lost I sound.
I fell right on the ground.
When I got high
Cos I was feelin' low
How could I know?
How should I know?
Track Name: Jenny Found Her Own Grave
She thought she was a goner.
She had thought she was dead.
She thought of all of her friends
She thought it was all in her head

Jenny found her own grave (x4)

She knew when her time had come
That she was gone
Then she was gone
Jenny found her own grave
That's what she said

She thought she died in a car crash and she wasn't sure if it's true
Jenny found her own grave
She would never be saved
Track Name: Pictures Online
Looking at a picture of us online
Few years ago, back when I was doing fine
Now I'm filled with a deep regret
Soon I'll go outside and smoke a cigarette
That doesn't really look like me
Was there a time when I was happy?
Stuck today in a smoky haze
Do you remember the good old days?

Please don't take my picture right now
That's a lost cause anyhow
Back in high school, we took photos a lot
Memory is fading, so the images are all I've got
It wasn't even that long ago
5 years back, when time didn't move so slow
It's my birthday today, I'm 22, but I feel so old
And I feel so sick from this sinus cold

The summer heat, the summer heat is getting to me
That's what it is, not some mental entropy
It's just so hot in this room
That's why this tune has so much gloom
I was just looking at this picture online and damn it
I wish I could burn it so it could vanish
But it's on facebook forever
And I took it for granted
And I took you for granted

Please forgive me
Track Name: I Want To Try
I want
to start
to try
to start
to want
to try

I want to fly away

...but I'm exhausted
from trying
to want to
start trying.

I want to fly.
Track Name: The Next Step
I feel like I'm stuck in one place
I don't know what the next step is in my life
I'm just waiting
I'm waiting for someone to come along and tell me they need me
Is it you? The one I'm singing to?
Can you tell me where my life will be in 5 years? in 10 years? Where will I be? If I don't have you I don't know what I will do, what I will do.
What will I do?
I just don't know.
Where will my life go?
I don't know.
It all depends which step I am done taking it's my choice for the making
No mistaking
Once I go in (x4)
There's no going back
And I know I have control
Wherever my life goes
Wherever my life goes
I have control
I have full control
It's up to me. It's up to me!
And no one else. no one can tell me otherwise.

I don't want to go to sleep
I just want to do what makes me happy
Because I feel crappy
And I need to make adjustments in my life
Can't think twice
I have to do what makes me feel good
Because I know I should do what I gotta
Knock on wood
I know I should
But will I?
I might fall asleep for an entire week
I know it's on fleek if I am alive
I just want to live
I just want to give
I just want to show
Everyone I am not alone
In this
I can do whatever I want to while I'm awake
And if I fall asleep I have no control
Where will my life go? (x3)
I don't know.
Can you tell me will I be happy?
I don't know.
Track Name: I Never Liked You
in the rain on a saturday after a long time spent trying to speak through closed teeth exchanged but nothing meaningful seems to come out
you hair it was long and brown and wet
but i couldn't take my eyes off the angry pout you held
and with it you said to me words i couldn't make it and couldn't begin to understand
you said:
i never liked you in the first place
you said:
i never liked you in the first place

do you remember those quiet afternoons spent laughing together with nothing else on our minds?
I do
and I wonder, do you?

it was impossible to forget that held my existence in their grasp
and took it without regard to their care
and then tell me destruction of promises
you never meant to keep and you just made to forget
like our love altogether

you said you hated me now
you said you hated me now

i can't even begin to understand
i can't even begin

as if you weren't adored, you leave this place, my life, this earth
is what i kept singing to myself when i kept trying to forget

then i saw your eyes flash towards me again
and my breathe stopped and my heart stopped
like a cork upon a tied you said
like a cork upon a tied
I heard what your eyes said to me from beneath their cowl and knew that in some dim past, whether in life or revery, I had heard their tale before.

now i am unsure if my memory servers a purpose beyond itself
and can come to forget things i have to now
like you my love

and i can't help but think about the rain that day
and what it made me realize about us and the world
and the way i just didn't want it to grow any larger
but knew that i couldn't stop it
i could never stop the inevitable
but i could just sit and wait for it to come,
lie as a witness to my own life, without you